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05 May 2015 @ 12:20 pm
Hi, Welcome to 6tones. A community dedicated to Johnny's Jr unit called 'SixTONES", previously known as Bakaleya6 or Bakaleya team.
Once you join, please make sure you read and follow all the rules below.


!! Please use this format for tittle post:

[Sub] file tittle => for subbed files
[Raw] file tittle => for any raw video
[Audio] file tittle => for any kind of audio such as fan audio, mp3, etc
[Scan] file tittle => for any kind of scan such as magazine, photo shop, etc
[Trans] file tittle => for any kind of translation
[Report] file tittle => for any kind of report
[News] file tittle => for news about the boys
[Streaming] file title => for any online videos
[Lyrics] file title => for original song lyrics
[Sales] file title => for selling any goods, tickets, etc
27 February 2017 @ 04:23 pm
Hello~ I have done more translations ^_^

If you like my translations and interested in reading them you can head over my livejournal:

Myojo March 2017: Valentine date plans and members reviewing each other's plans: here

Duet March 2017:
- Ideal dates and girl types: here
- One Point patrol with Kansai Jr: here

Wink up March 2017: crosstalk about their special skills and how they're gonna win against Kansai Jr in their butai: here

Otherwise, have a nice dayy~ ^o^
20 February 2017 @ 06:57 pm

Hello. I did translations of the last Popolo issue. They talked about their new year’s Karaoke party. It was soo fun and interesting ^_^

If you haven’t read it, and interested in reading, you can find in my journal here

Otherwise have a nice day ^o^
18 February 2017 @ 11:03 pm
Hello everyone. In the midst of SixTONES butai updates and all the fan reports, I want to share my translation of these 3 magazines. (I know, not a perfect time XD)

I have recently posted them on my journal, if you are interested. Read on~

Duet: February 2017

Potato: February 2017

Wink Up: February 2017

PS: I'm thinking about attempting to translate the recent/upcoming issues as well, but I'm only afraid from the fact that there might be someone else translating already, and I haven't come across them yet. If such, please let me know so I refrain from it ^_^
Hello everyone,

As you probably now, SixTONES is leading with Kansai Johnny's Jrs a butai at Shinbashi Enbujou at the end of February. Lately, the boys have been talking a lot about how fans should support them a lot and I was thinking of gathering fanletters from all around the world to show them how much we love them.

My plan is to have you send me letters before February 15th and then to put them all in the Family Club box dedicated to fanletters that is usually in the butai venue when I go to the show (I haven't decided about the date yet since I'm going more than once).

If you want to participate here comes how you should proceed :

1/ Write a fanletter to your favourite(s) member(s)
(Do not sent a letter addressed to the whole group)
2/ Send it to my address before the deadline

Deadline for receiving letters: February 15th 2016 (I cannot guarantee that any letter received after that date will be handed)
How to get my address: Comment here and I'll send you a PM. If you don't use Livejournal, send me a Tweet at @MayuraTamagochi

A few reminders about fanletters:
- Remember that the boys are not supposed to speak English (I won't bet on Jesse's English skills if I were you), so if you can, write in Japanese. Even super basic Japanese will do (they'll probably find it cute). If you cannot go with Japanese at all, write in super basic English so that it's not too much work for them.
- Do not badmouth the member you write to, the other members or the group.
- Do not badmouth any other Junior groups: what's going on within the agency is not any boy's fault but the agency's so there's no need to write "King sucks" or "I hate Love Tune". Keep in mind that SixTONES members also love other Juniors.
- Johnny's do not allow gifts in the fanletters. I will only hand thin envelopes that only have a letter or a postcard in it. Even DIY gifts are not allowed.
- As for pictures and personal information, please note that Johnny's WILL NOT hand any letter that has a picture of yourself or/and your phone number/email address. If you want the boys to have your letter, you mustn't put those in the letters.
- If you want to draw or put a picture of your place/one of your projects, it's okay.
- On the envelope, write the name of the member you are writing too. Put the letter in the envelope with the name of the member and then put everything in an envelope with my address. Every letter must be in an envelope.
- Stay polite in the letters.

Just show how you love them and support them! They'll probably be very happy!

If you have any question, please let me know!

PS: If you want to write to any of the 4 Kanjus leading the show with SixTONES, I can also put the letter in the box.
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08 October 2016 @ 09:27 pm
For those who is looking for the full lyric+translation HERE
bakareanoyankee is looking for more translators to sub more SixTONES related videos~ If you're looking for an opportunity to practice Japanese and help get more videos subbed, please drop us a comment at the community!

Please help spread it~ Thank you so much for cooperating with us~
06 July 2016 @ 03:04 pm
Hi o/ I translated SixTONES' talk from this month's Myojo, find it here :)
13 June 2016 @ 03:39 pm

I have 2 tickets for Elisabeth Musical in Hakata-za.

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